World’s first general purpose automotive operating system

September 13, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
World’s first general purpose automotive operating system
Rocksolid Core is the only licensable platform for all car functions from powertrain and steering to cockpit electronics.

Basemark in Finland has developed the first general purpose operating system that can be licensed for all types of software-defined vehicles.

The Rocksolid Core OS is the only licensable end-to-end solution for all car applications, says Basemark. It combines automotive-grade Linux, AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive. Licensees will also get reference applications for autonomous drive, digital instrument cluster, infotainment and ADAS. Founded in 2015, Basemark has already developed middleware for hardware agnostic graphics and compute application development.

The RockSolid Core architecture has been designed from the scratch to be safety certifiable according to ASIL-B requirements in case of performance controller and ASIL-D requirements in case of safety controller.

All the functions are run by one peformance controller in cooperation with the safety controller, reducing the need for multiple ECUs for different functions. Basemark has developed unique technology to manage and run multiple various applications on the same hardware.

“We are enabling the future of the automotive industry, where creating new car platforms will be quicker than ever while bringing down the unit cost considerably. Basemark’s Rocksolid Core architecture requires fewer processors compared to conventional models, resulting in savings in both electronics and software. Through Rocksolid Core, customers are able to rapidly develop mission-critical functions and not waste time in developing a base platform. Furthermore, we’re empowering OEMs with the source code licensing model so they finally can be in charge of their own software stack,” said Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Basemark. “We estimate that through Rocksolid Core our customers can take more than a year off of the development of a new car platform, and save hundreds of euros per car in series production costs.”

Rocksolid Core is currently in pilot development stage and Basemark is developing a Proof-of-Concept vehicle which will be launched later this year.

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