Xeon-powered data acquisition computer for vehicle tests

May 03, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Xeon-powered data acquisition computer for vehicle tests
With the TRX D8, the Irish engineering company Klas Ltd is addressing developers of autonomous vehicle functions. The intelligent data acquisition system has been specially developed for recording the enormous amounts of data generated during drive tests with autonomous vehicles.

The TRX D8 collects data from integrated Ethernet and Controller Area Networks (CAN) and can store up to 240 TB in an easily removable cartridge. The computing element of the TRX D8 runs on the company's own KlasOS Keel operating system. This is specifically designed for edge sites where security and reliability are critical, and has an integrated hypervisor that provides flexibility for original equipment manufacturers to run their own software and have complete control over their data.

Powered by an Intel Xeon-D processor with up to 16 cores, the TRX D8 can be populated with a maximum of 96GB of DRAM. The mass storage (max. 240 TB) is connected via SATA/SAS with 12 Gbps or 6 Gbps. Hard disk encryption ensures maximum security against unauthorised access. The data acquisition computer is equipped with a vehicle power supply for input voltages from 10 to 36V DC. The modular architecture simplifies upgrades and replacement of individual subsystems. A virtualisation layer supports the clean-up and organisation of in-vehicle data.

The rugged nature of the TRX D8 ensures long-term reliability and also enables testing under extreme environmental conditions. The D8 is platform-independent and easily integrates with multi-vendor or combination R&D test platforms serving the evolving self-driving vehicle market. In addition, the TRX D8 maximises the amount of time test vehicles can stay on the road while providing high-speed data transfer to accelerate software development and ultimately enable OEMs to bring fully self-driving vehicles to market faster.


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