ZF launches first electric parking brake for commercial vehicles in Ford F-150

September 27, 2017 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
ZF launches first electric parking brake for commercial vehicles in Ford F-150
With the introduction of electric parking brakes (EPB) in the Ford F-150 of model year 2017, automotive supplier ZF AG and Ford have made accessible the potential of this technology - fuel savings, better packaging and many other functions - to the market of larger pickup trucks. The move marks the first use of an electric parking brake for large pickup trucks in North America.

According to ZF, EPBs have the potential to reduce fuel consumption and save cabin interior space. They also can be combined with other vehicle systems for advanced functionality. Compared to conventional drum parking brakes, this technology can save up to 9 kilograms in weight for commercial vans, larger trucks and SUVs, which in turn helps reducing fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions. No parking brake lever or pedal is required as the system is activated at the push of a button, freeing up room inside the cab.

In addition, the system offers potential safety benefits and can contribute to automated functions that support the driver. The electric parking brake, together with the electronic stability control system (ESC), can support emergency braking or relieve the driver of congestion by keeping the vehicle stationary and moving it forward again when the traffic situation permits.

ZF was the pioneer in 2001 with TRW's electric parking brakes for light vehicles and, with more than 100 million EPBs produced it claims to be the market leader in this technology for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, commercial vans and SUVs. In normal service braking operations, EPB works like a conventional hydraulic brake; in parking or emergency braking, EPB acts like an electric brake.

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