ZF relies massively on AI for new ADAS platform

April 12, 2019 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
ZF Demo car for coPILOT
With the "ZF coPILOT", ZF and Nvidia are presenting an intelligent driver assistance system at the Auto Shanghai motor show that should contribute to more comfort and safety in semi-automated driving.

Equipped with artificial intelligence and a fairly comprehensive sensor set, cars equipped with this system can independently perform various driving maneuvers, especially on motorways. In addition, the ZF coPILOT can be operated with voice commands and recognizes the traffic situation, senses driving behavior, and also monitors the driver in order to prevent dangerous situations through active control interventions. The core of the system is the ZF ProAI central computer and the Nvidia DRIVE platform recently introduced by ZF. The system presented in Shanghai is close to series maturity; it should be available from 2021.

The System is based on a sensor set that monitors the car n all directions. Equipped with Nvidia's DRIVE software, the system's driving and safety functions are expected to go well beyond the performance of regular Level 2 systems for semi-automated driving, explained Torsten Gollewski, Head of Autonomous Mobility Solutions at ZF.

The company highlighted the range of functions with a demo car on the AutoShanghai. For example, vehicles equipped with such a system can automatically drive on or off motorways or similarl multi-lane highways. For more relaxed highway driving, the ZF coPILOT combines extended cruise control with active steering support and lane keeping function. In addition, the system can proactively change lanes, overtake other vehicles, and return to the original lane. In addition, the system permanently analyzes the vehicle environment and identifies pedestrians, oncoming traffic, and intersections.

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